What brings an eclectic group of young adults to the Oregon wilderness for the summer? Is it a love for hiking, hermitism, or crystal meth? Hardly. The members of Da Hood House are here for several reasons; to shred the brown summer slopes of Mt Hood, to exterminate the gypsies in nearby Government Camp, and to prove once and for all that freeskiing is taking over the fucking world. Windell’s Ski and Snowboard camp was gracious enough to host a huge crew of skiers as full time coaches. Instead of living in employee housing, 11 of us rented a three bedroom house in Rhododendron, Oregon only a few miles from camp. Our house is neatly tucked away in the Oregon woods on John Lake Road and hosts an array of wildlife. Here in Oregon, we’re blessed with a plethora of restaurants and food choices: Subway and Dairy Queen. Although the restaurant options are almost overwhelming, we’ve been enjoying 3 meals a day at Windells. Free food is the cheapest of all food. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Isn’t is uncomfortable housing 11 people in a 3 bedroom house?” Shut up. We’re doing it. And if it wasn’t for the mass of skiers living here and their incredible brain strength, this website would have never been born. In our title, we have skillfully replaced the word “The” with “Da”, thus proving our intelligence and our roots as true street gansgters.

Da Hood House will be following the lives of [look at the names on the site] for the next 2 months while we’re coaching at Timberline. We’ll be bringing you hilarious antics, photos, videos and tons of other content. We’ll also be holding an open phone line for visitors to call in and drop their comments, input and requests. Keep your eyes open, your drinks down, and tips up….ski season just started.

-Steve Stepp, Liam Downey

CHECK IT! http://www.dahoodhouse.com