The ink on the contract is still wet, but we?re happy to announce that Rex Thomas has officially joined the DNA freeride team. Team manager, ex-tight end and all-around thug Trey Harris now feels that his vision of building a Guido-esque freeride team is complete. ?From the beginning it has been my goal to compile a group of athletes that can not only kick ass on the hill, but can and might kick your ass off the hill as well,? Harris said. ?Our freeride team can beat up your freeride team.?

New teen heartthrob Dave Crichton makes an appearance in the ?Boys? section of this month?s YM magazine. Happily, this expansion of Crichton?s celebrity should further increase his growing gaggle of teenage groupies and help him pull more... you know...

Congratulations Dave ? you?re so damn dreamy!

Brainy Liam Downey is finishing up his first semester as a freshman at Bates College. Liam says that he finds school easy enough to afford him four days of skiing per week and frequent afternoon cat-naps. Says Liam, ?If you gotta be at your intellectual best, which unfortunately involves sobriety, you might as well indulge in as much of that freaky feeling hypnogogic thing as possible.?

The DNA team and reluctant staffers will be converging on Park City in mid-December for the 2005 photo shoot with Jeff Winterton and Josh Berman. Stories of mayhem, madness and illegalities to follow.