Montreal, August 25th 2004 - D-Structure Pro Shop is proud to announce the birth of D-Structure International. In the first stage of expansion, the operations of D-Structure International will reach across the United States and Europe with the opening of online stores. The second stage of expansion will follow with the opening of storefronts in the fall of 2005.

D-Structure Pro Shop's implication and support of the freeskiing and in-line cultures will not fade away with the creation of D-Structure International. The company's activities will be far from limited to retailing and will also include event management for camps and competitions, content production for television, print and web. The ever-popular D-Structure branded line of clothing will also be released three times per year.

D-Structure Pro Shop was founded in Montreal in May 2000 as the world's first shop dedicated to twin tip skiing. In the fall of 2003, with the partnership of professional skier Phil Belanger a second shop was opened in Quebec City. Rider owned and operated, D-Structure Pro Shop gained International notoriety and established itself as a solid industry leader.

With the birth of D-Structure International, skiers and skaters have united to carry this venture from a neighborhood shop to an international rider owned and operated corporation. The most influential skiers and skaters have founded and own this company: J.P. Auclair, Pep Fujas, Phil Larose, Phil Belanger, Chris Turpin, Philou Poirier, Iannick B., Richie Eisler, Charles A. Nantel.

The official launch dates for D-Structure International is October 1st for the U.S.A. and October 15th for the European continent. Visit for more information.