Most of you are probably familar with, the news website where the users submit the links and stories for the news and the masses vote on the ones they like. I'm not here to talk about Digg though, instead, I wanna share with you guys. is similar to Digg in that it allows the users to submit the news stories, but it also produces its own mini-documentaries on a variety of issues around the world. I'm going to let the site speak for itself though...

Here is a sample of videos from there, I hope some of you find these interesting :P

Vanguard Journalism

"Vanguard is Current’s groundbreaking original journalism team. Our goal is to be anticipatory, not reactionary, in reporting on the crucial issues of our time."

From Russia with Hate

End of the Road

A world without water

Now before someone goes crying that this is super biased/liberal/whatever, let me just point out that all news media is biased in some aspect and that I'm posting this website because it deals with content mainstream media chooses not to cover. Its mearly just another source of information I thought I'd share :)

- Ryan