I know this is a NEWSCHOOL website, and nobody cares about skiercross... but I'll post nonetheless. So deal with it.

So, I'm sitting in my tent on Farnham glacier, using highspeed satelitte internet to gloat about the amazingness of this facility run by CODA. It's a 60km busride from Radium, BC. Followed by a hike into the actual camp. We are brought up the hill continuously by snow cats all day long. Our mornings start at 4:30, and we ski from 5am til 12 noon, then come down and work out, hike, tan etc. This place is funded by CODA for olympic developement in winter sports... I'm here for skier cross. I'll have some more photos of the SX course up tomorrow, but for now this is all I could upload... it's very slow!

Loading the 'tucker with our gear before the hike in.

View from the top... its BEAUTIFUL.

View of Camp Green from the cat

It's amazing up here... we're completely isolated. They have full weight training facilities, 10 spin bikes up here, a trampoline, full kitchen with GORMET STAFF. Lounge, giant LCD tv, dvd player... better than my home, thats for sure. The course is SICK. I cant wait to show you guys... the last table we're getting 100+ ft of air.

Enjoy! And I'll keep you updated with more photos when I'm not about to pass out.