You are thinking what I am thinking. AND it’s correct, you are looking at a sketchy aerials-hill. And by the way, the time this picture was taken is 1.00 PM. In the middle of the day. We went home when We thought it was 4 or 5 pm, but it was only 2. Haha.

Were we are staying, Ruka Suites. Pretty smooth 6-person crib in a large family hotel with gym and bowling alley. SICK

ME, Steffen & Klaus enjoying  the sunset in the Finish Lappland at 1.30 PM.

Nice redish afternoon light. Slow and COLD chairlift. The jumpline with rails are not yet done, so we just cruised the small flat railline in the public family-area.  I must say it is too cold to be skiing slow laps. Rather be hiking to get warm.

Reppin Salomon. Just got a message from Salomon that I have recieved a christmas package. STOKED. I will show you when I come home, cause it’s the 2011 ski-wear!!

PS! Check my pimp special-made hat with airhole. Haha Stupid