Words & photos by Taylor Murray

UCSD is a school of genius. The students are all brainiac maniacs, the architecture is something out of the Matrix, and they serve alcohol on campus. They did it right. The campus is full of potential, overrun with aspiring Fortune 500 execs and a plethora of gaps, ledges, and stair sets that scream "SKATE ME!" The Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour crew took full advantage of UCSD's superior skatability and local nightlife scene at the most recent shred session in San Diego. Good times were had by all who were smart enough to drop their books for a few hours and study the massive 25-ton snow pile that appeared on campus.

The Study Spaceship


With 70-degree weather, Red Bull flowing, and Swine Flu in the air, the conditions were perfect for the rare breed of shredding that is the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour. Mother nature was able to sit back and rest as the crew brought in a massive 'margarita maker' to blow 25 tons of pearly white flakes onto the setup. By the time the machine was near finished grinding the huge ice blocks, a massive sea of people had already gathered around the setup to peep the scene and get their photo taken at the ELM company booth. Cricket Wireless was giving away tons of free shirts and stoking out the crowd. Big ups to Cricket for making it happen!

Making one giant sno-cone

The Setup - Pre Destruction

60 local shreds came out to terrorize the rails and throw down for their shot at some skrill and assorted products from all the fine sponsors. The San Diego skiers are some burly dudes, they simply don't give up. Bloody gashes, smashed limbs, no big deal. The two plankers put on a great show for all the UCSD students and walked away with big smiles despite their injuries. Andrew McDowell stole the judges' hearts and scooped up some cash and a first place spot on the podium. Robert Thorpe came in a close second and took home some killer Boone skis after getting wild on the Red Bull box. Lars Johnsgard Jensen rounded out the pack in third and was rewarded with some sick Spyder outerwear and an invite to the Portland finals on May 30th!

Andrew lays down the edges

Robert gets some POP!

Lars gets trippy

(L-R) Lars Johnsgard Jensen (3rd), Andrew McDowell (1st), and Robert Thorpe (2nd)

When the sun had set and the winners had been crowned, the crew got their hands dirty and tore down the setup in record time to make it to the after party in Pacific Beach. 50 shred rats in a bar full of bros always makes for a good/interesting time. Now that UCSD is in the books, the Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour is back in Oregon to host one more event on their home turf, before the final showdown in downtown Portland on Saturday, May 30th. Keep your eyes peeled on http://www.campusrailjamtour.com for a live webcast from REELcomp!


For more videos visit http://www.campusrailjamtour.com