Alright I woke up on this Monday morning to clouds and some rain here in Salt Lake City. I woke up knowing I had to Finish up some school work and knowing I would never finish it at home I decided to head down the the Salt Lake City Library. So I decided to take the local TRAX line since gas prices are a bitch. Well after about 5 minutes from leaving the University of Utah stadium I arrived downtown at the Library. I was quite hungry so I thought I would make a stop at the Burger King across the street. I have not eaten breakfast there in a few years last time  it was at a Las Vegas Airport which just means bad news. Well I walked in and right off the bat I see this lady just dancing around in the back corner of the place. This reminded me of the the Rob and Big Episode where they saw the crazy dancing lady. Well she dances all the way up to the cashier and asks for some more sugar. The cashier lady seemed just surprised as me and pointed to where the sugar was. So we got her groove on all the way to the sugar and poured it in the coffee. She was seriously out of control, not caring about her surroundings she just danced like it was 1999.  I think I saw her do a few toe stands which just made her craziness go up. A few times I almost bumped into her and ruining her moves. Well I finally got up and ordered my food and walked across the street to the library, where I now sit. This little event just made my day that much better. I love how people can just be so crazy and not even care. Now I sit here still not doing my work but thought I'd share what happened what maybe encourage some people to just go out and support your local crazy people.  Also Burger King breakfast is just as shitty as I remember.