Interview & photos by Jeff Schmuck

Ian Cosco!

Hi Jeffrey!

You’re at session 4 of Momentum.

I am indeed.

..and you’re working!

I sure am, thanks to you and the glorious members of Newschoolers!

What do you have to say to everyone on NS that had your back and helped you out in getting a coaching job for this session.

All I gotta say is a great, big, huge thanks to every single member of Newschoolers, all 100,000 of them…

There’s 110,000 Cosco.

Oooh, really?

Yeah c’mon, get your facts straight (laughs).

My bad (laughs).

How was your season?

This past season was honestly the best season I’ve ever had. I didn’t get any injuries, knock on wood. I filmed a lot and skied more powder than I ever have. I learned how to snowmobile, which was sweet, and I learnt a bunch of new tricks and did my best to take the ones I knew how to do in the park out into the backcountry when I was filming.

Who’d you film with this year? Rage and who else?

Just Rage actually. I tried to get a little bit done with Atomic but it didn’t work out as planned.

photo: cko

How’s your segment looking?

I’m pretty stoked on it so far. I worked really hard and I think it’s going to turn out really well. I tried to push myself to the limit and scare myself daily but luckily most of the time I landed on my feet which I was pretty happy about (laughs). So I’m stoked for people to see it.

sequence: cko

You’ve had some struggles with sponsors over the last year right?

Yeah, I spent a ton of money last season to do what I did and it’s been hard to get paid as much as I spent, which has been frustrating. A lot of people don’t realize the time, money, and dedication that goes into the three minutes they watch. So although last season was my best season ever, the business side of things has been pretty frustrating. But I just got a job, so I’m pumped.

Doing what?

Working retail at a fishing shop.

Sick! What are you going to be selling?

Oh you know, mainly fishing rods, reels, lures and bait (laughs).

And the big news in your life is that you finished school and got your pilot’s license right?

Oh yeah.

Congratulations buddy.

Thanks dude. My dad just picked up a cheap ass 1946 plane for me and him so I’m stoked (laughs).

Does he fly too?

Yeah he’s a pilot.

You were telling me that you’re planning on flying your plane out to Montreal for IF3.

Yep. It’ll take me about three days because my plane cruises at a top speed of about 90 miles an hour, so it’s pretty much the same as driving, but I think me and Henitiuk are going to do it.

(laughs) Nice. What are your plans for next year?

Well I suppose it all depends on my sponsor situation and if I’m making enough to travel and shit. But my plan would be to pretty much do what I did last year, which is film as much as I can, do the US Open, WSI, and Nippon Open again if I can get the funds.

How’s Momentum been? You were coaching here last session and were awarded a job for this one as well after six extra kids signed up right?

Yeah, and Momentum is the best. We’ve got the best terrain on the mountain, we have the best staff and we have the best racers next to our lane to rag on (laughs). All the kids are super stoked both on and off the hill, especially considering the afternoon activities have been a blast. I just love being here, because coaching is the best job in the world.

What would you say to all the kids out there that didn’t come to Whistler this summer?

Well you know Windells claims that it’s the funnest place on earth, but with all due respect to them, I think Whistler might be a little more fun, so you should really get out here next year if you can. We’ve had really good weather this year too, and everyone has been skiing with no shirts so we’ve got sunburns all over the place, so it’s just been a great time.

Any last words to all the kids out there?

Keep shredding, come to summer camp next year, and a big, big thank-you to the 110,000 members of Newschoolers.

Specifically the six that signed up though right?

Hell yeah. They pretty much killed it for me.

Have you been buying them Slurpees every day like you said you would?

No, my truck got towed and I haven’t gotten to it yet (laughs). I did give them paintballs the other day though.

I’m sure they’re stoked (laughs). Thanks Cosco.

No worries, thank-you, and thanks again Newschoolers.