Fcking products are back very soon!

Coreupt.com means pleasure, passion, hard freestyle riding, a big team and over at all, pure products !

A new lease on the Alps

A year ago, the french ski brand CoreUPT was in liquidation. No way to stop the story about Coreupt.com products (it is so enjoying !), the ski shaper and his partner who were the mains creditors of CoreUPT had the opportunity to save the successful ski brand by acquiring assets. It was the only way to take over Coreupt1.0. It smells good for the future.

Less pure products, less proriders, but same hard core spirit

After a hole season, Coreupt.com ski brand got back in 2.0 for her 5th winter season, with a new project, a new staff and a new website provided to the end of september. It will be online close to IF3's date. IF3 is an international freeski film festival.

Glimpse our teaser on coreupt.com

It is to early to show you our new collection, but you can ever follow the link to watch a little teaser :

Stay "Coreupted".