Copper Mountain is Open for the Season!

It’s a new year with new snowflakes making their way onto Copper Mountain’s sexy slopes, but one thing remains the same; everyone deserves a Snow Day, where you get that feeling of waking up and hearing on the radio that school was cancelled, or watching on the morning news that you get a day to do whatever it is you love.

Last year, Copper offered up different ways for the nation to deserve theirs. Whether it was getting a day away from the boss or getting a free day on the slopes for being affected by the downturn, the people got their Snow Day. Since nothing has really changed except our level of awesome, this year we’re inviting the nation to come up and experience the Snow Day partytastic at Copper.

Copper is continuing the Everyone Deserves a Snow Day movement this season, and is considered the home of bringing insane amounts of joy to a large amount of people all at one single time. If you think about it, a Snow Day sounds a lot like a fiesta. Or maybe a soirée. Either way, everyone’s invited. We’re talking you, your buddies, the world.

Everyone deserves a Snow Day, which ultimately lets out their Awesome. So, we’re giving people the chance to awaken their Awesome. How might you ask? With a Snow Day Fiesta! To start, Copper’s coming to you. Our one-car parade, complete with a tricked out fiesta mobile photo booth on a flatbed will be driving through hoods across our great nation, from the great state of Texas, all the way up to Chicago, through Denver and the Front Range and then back home to Copper. Just head on over to to check it out.

As you walk away from our spectacle you will be left with a smile and a custom Copper Mountain air-freshener made with the delicious scent of fresh fallen snow. What does that smell like? Grab one and see. Each year, billions of gazillions of snowflakes decide to make the trip to Copper, and we’ve captured the smell of each one. Said air freshener will direct you to Copper’s Facebook page to keep the soiree going online. Also attending the nationwide fiestas will be a rodeo of bad-a videos, our infamous Ski Patrol Team parading the streets, the world’s first ever sports car rigged snowplow and all the things one needs to celebrate a Snow Day.

That’s just the beginning. If you “follow” us on the Twitter or “like” us on Facebook you too will have a chance of driving home the one and only Snow Day Fiesta. Copper is planning on giving this beast away to one lucky winner at the end of this ski season right on our sexy slopes, complete with a mariachi band to help round out the fiesta.

To help ring in the winter, make sure to check out Lift Off, presented by Sprint, Copper’s opening weekend festival. Some of the highlights include:

*The Lift Off Concert on Saturday, Nov. 6 in the Copper Conference Center, featuring Lyrics Born & MURS.

*The 1st après party of the season at Jack’s bar from 4-6 pm on Friday, Nov. 5, with a chance to win a pair of Liberty Skis, as s well as tons of other giveaways.

*The Lift Off Movie Tour, Nov. 5 – 7 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings), with many ski and snowboard movie viewings throughout the weekend in Copper’s bars and restaurants, as well as the Woodward at Copper Barn.

*Many late-night festivities, including DJ Landry at Mulligan’s on Friday night, Nov. 5, starting around 10:30 p.m.