Contour is excited to announce our newly-formed ski team. We're excited to compile some of the biggest and most talented athletes that skiing has to offer. Making up the team are Sean Pettit, Chris Davenport, and Daron Rahlves. Hailing from Pemberton, B.C, Sean Pettit has been called the "future of skiing," for his versatility on varying terrain. Whether he's hitting massive booters or steep cliff lines, Pettit skis with a confidence and style that most can only dream of. Davenport is one of skiing's big mountain pioneers and has bagged all 54 of Colorado's peaks over 14,000 feet. Rahlves is one of America's most decorated ski racers in history and uses the Contour to capture his amazingly fast runs, time on his sled and even his moto bike. We couldn't be happier with our skiers. We'll be building out profiles for them in the coming weeks on where you can learn more about them. The best part about getting these guys signed? We'll be sharing all of the best footage with you guys at NewSchoolers.Cheers.