The first contest that's closing is the Obermeyer "Spot the O" contest.   We had lots of hilarious entries, but these four are the ones who are going home with the loot.   My personal favorite is the top Left Mr. Sam Mocarski (the_afc)... best pic for sure!   Clockwise to the right it's Lane Raymond, Pedro Miqueo and Ryan Coulthard.   Thanks to everyone who submitted, and the winners will be contatcted to get their addresses!

Second contest was sponsored by Scott, and it's the "Take a picture with Scott" contest!  Entrants had to find someone named scott and get a picture with them.   We picked six winners for this, and even gave it to a real Scott for a good effort! 
Alex Falkenstein
Brent Peterson
Joe Muench
Nick Skinner - My favorite... the look on these guys' faces is just priceless...
Scott Hartmann
Scott Townes - The "real" Scott.Next round of the Scott contest will go up in a few days, so always remember to check out the contest page to see what's new!