Just finished another great book. Ultra Marathon Man is written and lived by Dean Karnazes. It's basically Dean telling his story, which is incredible, almost unbelievable. He's completed The Western States Endurance Run (100 miles through the Sierra Nevada's, starting here in Squaw Valley) over 9 times, ran a marathon in the South Pole (with daunting temperatures), completed the Badwater Ultra Marathon (takes place in Death Valley with temperatures around 130 degrees F), and maybe his biggest feat of them all...he's completed a relay (usually ran with 11 teammates) on his own totaling 226 miles, running nonstop.Once I started to get into the book, my bed exercises that I have been doing seemed so minimal. I was instantly in aw of his accomplishments and have never done my simple leg lifts so well. It's a story of an amazing athlete in a sport that doesn't get much recognition (Ultra Marathoner).Here's what he says about the Western States Endurance Run, which was once a race on horse until Gordy Ainsleigh's horse got lame around mile 29 he completed the 100 miles on foot, then it became and endurance run, climbing a cumulative total of 18000 feet (5500 m) and descending a total of 23000 feet on mountain trails, crossing snow fields and rivers along the way..."...The Western States Endurance Run would be primarily about one thing: no giving up. It really didn't matter how long it took to get the job done; what mattered was getting it done. This was an exploration into the possibilities of self. Being a champion meant not quitting, no matter how tough the situation became, and no matter how badly the odds were stacked against you. If you had the courage, stamina, and persistence to cross the finish line, you were a champion."