This past weekend John Morgan and myself headed out to the Tigard, OR skatepark to see what the SKATEOPOLY tour was all about. The day was a scorcher and everyone replaced water with energy drinks so you know things were going to get deadly on the street course. No one stopped skating until the heats finally were finally underway, a true testimonial for the power of Tuarine. But really the kids were just hyped to be skating again because this is what they live to do.

The contest series is all organized by Hero at the Farm Project and what’s a better AM contest format than a points system that crowns an overall winner at the final stop in Seaside, OR, this ain’t no mom n’ pop tour it’s the real thing. These kids were hungry and it showed through each of the ten minute heats and I was lucky enough to be watching from the top of the bus. You can check out the next SKATEOPOLY tour stop here, I highly recommend to stop by if your in the area.

John is also sponsored by Sasquatch skateboards who hosted a demo before the contest, these decks are the real deal and a skate company worth supporting.

During the demo we got to shoot some photos and J Mo gets a nosepick on the dino.

Nick Peterson footplants the dino.
The whole family was in attendance today and it was perfect ending to my time spent in Oregon. After it was all said and done my mind was fried from watching thrasher skating all day or maybe it was the 90 degree sun on top of the bus? I’ll go with the first one.