We did it, we survived.

Resorts are closing and it's time to put the jumps and rails away in that old shed where they keep the moguls. Competition season is done, and for a small bit of time we can escape words like training, Olympics, and amplitude. We survived the Olympics, and save for a few blown knees and blown medal dreams the sport of skiing didn't implode, and the man didn't steal our souls.

A look back, years down the road, may see this as a historic year, a catalyst for change, progression or regression, but for now all we can do is sit back and let history tell that tale.

A beautiful day in Whistler

With a completely unspectacular day up at Whistler, we put an end to the comp season. A quick morning saw mens qualifiers, as the field was to be narrowed down to 10 finalists. Then, the fog rolled in deep and heavy early in the day, providing terrible visibility on the whole course. After a lengthy delay, and much bitching from the tired folks involved on every level, media to judges, the official tried to get the comp going again.

The women, who hadn't skied all weekend, were the first priority, and with only 10 of them, it wasn't all that difficult to fit in their two runs during breaks in the fog.

Did I mention the fog?

However, after hours of waiting for the weather to clear, the comp was called, and the results from semifinals were used to tabulate winners.


Men's podium

1) Evan McEachran

2) Bobby Brown

3) Jossi Wells

Women's podium:

1) Nikki Blackall

2) Anouk PurnelleFaniel

3) Cassandra Sharpe

Jossi Wells

Photo: Riley Snyder

Photo: Riley Snyder

Photo: Riley Snyder

This is what the majority of our day looked like. Photo: Riley Snyder

Photo: Riley Snyder

Photo: Riley Snyder

Full Scores: