Female Sports Fans, Ski Video Fans Rejoice as ColdAsIce.TV ?Turns 50?, Dropping Their 50th Video. ColdAsIce.TV is winding up the first winter of production by releasing this 50th webisode.

CAI Turns Fiddy is a celebratory edit that looks back at some of the best footage from the first 50 videos, CAI turns 50 puts a fun twist on some footage that viewers of the site know and love. The 50th edit contains skiing footage, lifestyle footage, and you?ll want to watch the credits for a special fan favorite who makes a return.

The entire ColdAsIce.TV crew would like to thank our sponsors for their support throughout the season. With the support of super rad sponsors like GoPro (http://gopro.com), WIDSIX.com ( http://widsix.com/ ), WebItDesigns.com (http://webitdesigns.com), Discrete Headwear (http://discreteheadwear.com), and Flylow Gear (http://flylowgear.com), ColdAsIce.TV will be around for a long time and continue to build on the success of their first 50 edits.

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You can always see more GoPro footage of Keri Herman, Meg Olenick, and Grete Eliassen at http://coldasice.tv