I got in touch with Winnie Forbes (now, Winnie Brinker) about doing a wedding with her as her 2nd shooter last summer for Cobey and Sarah’s wedding. As it turns out it was at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seattle, Washington where I had shot a wedding the previous year so she was stoked, already knew the location, etc. Winnie brought me on to roll with the guys and shoot with them while she took care of the girls. Yah, the guys are easy so I was stoked. It was a super laid back group so it was pretty easy and to make matters even better, Casey from Mindcastle Studios was there doing the video so for a lot of things, he directed what he was doing and I just rolled with it and shot what was going on with that which was really cool. Casey had some good ideas and was super good work with and Danielle.

It was a great day shooting and it was fun to be on the other side of things, not being the main shooter. Sometimes not having 100% of the responsibility is pretty nice! As it turns out, things were good, and more than just a fun easy day of being the 2nd shooter. Photo District News Magazine (PDN) selected one of my photos from this wedding in their Top Knots wedding photography contest a few months ago!  Check out the blog post here: