Sam Zahner of Sparta, New Jersey is the latest addition to the Digit Snow team for this season. Look for Sam this season as he shreds the East Coast!

Born: March 28, 1996

Hometown: St.Louis MO

Age when you started skiing: 12

Breakthrough Moment: getting my first ski sponsor

Claim to Fame: winning 3rd rail jam 2 years back.

Favorite Terrain: park

Dream Conditions: sunny, warm, soft day in the park

The Best Thing About Skiing: hot lappin trying new things

What is skiing for you? The most fun

Superstitions? Knockin wood

Favorite Music: rap

Favorite Ski Flick: B&E Blackout

Other Sports/Activities: tramping, inline, cliff jumping

Words to Live and Die By: enjoy life always, hahaha

Highlights of last season? Traveling out to Michigan with Epic Planks. Placing in The North Face Open, and filming with Meathead films / Ski The East. Also making super unknown semi-finals

Do you enjoy comps, filming or just cruising the most? Comps and filming are always super fun. But nothing beats just hot-lappin with friends.

Tell us about Beast Coast? You guys dropped some of the seasons best edits! Who is it and what are you guys about? Andrew Keyser hit me up early last winter just wanting to film a single edit, but after the great responses we decided to turn it into a series. Beast Coast is gonna be coming back this winter for season two. We plan to make it a little more involved with documentation, go on more trips and defiantly get some urban shots in between.

Growing up on the East Coast and riding smaller hills than out West, Whats that been like? The jumps have defiantly been lacking compared to out west, but skiing nights after school everyday is always a plus.

Do you think small hill riders have an advantage over those out west since they can make hot laps and ride dusk till late at night? In the sense of rail skiing yes, on the east were always gettin in so many laps of just rails. On the other hand you see a lot of jump jocks out west that you won't see back east.

How was your summer? So much fun, crashed with Danny Arnold an Epic Planks team mate up in Whistler for two weeks. Had a blast skiing every day and hittin the COC park, on top of that whistlers just an awesome town.

Plans for the season?

Continue filming and competing whenever given the opportunity, gonna try to get out west too.

What made you choose to ride Digit poles?

The designs are fresh, the team is looking killer so far, I just really think it's gonna take off! Also Judd's an awesome dude and filmer.