I’ve been working with Clik Elite for the past year and while most of my involvement in development has been with the Contrejour 35 & 40, the ClikStand series of packs is something I’ve been very interested in as it would be a single consolidated package of pack and stand for my strobes.

The new Volt ClikStand pack is a new product that should be available soon that I’ve recently been testing.   When I first saw the intial prototype of the ProElite + ClikStand I was a bit skeptical and thought the idea was a bit hokey.  Now with the Volt, the pack attached to the ClikStand has made me change my mind.  The Volt is a spacious pack with more than enough room for my Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed pack, Freelight A-Head, cables, Pocket Wizards, extra speedlights, clamps, brackets,  extra strobe head, the kitchen sink if you’d like.  It’s a studio in one bag.


12″ W / 8″ D / 27″  H  - Volt pack only

12″ W / 15″ D / 27″  H  - Volt pack + ClikStand

48″ – Height of ClikStand fully extended

Plain and simple, I love the Volt.  It makes setup, teardown, and especially moving my strobes so unbelievably quick.  I can setup my ranger in less than a minute, and when I need to move the light, I just pick up one thing, put it on my back and start walking.  It’s really awesome and useful on location shoots where lighting is needed.  The only two drawbacks are the Volt is a bit heavy and it would be nice to have the stand go higher than 48″.  The solution to the height however is using a light stand extension.  The Lowel KPH Half Pole 3? Extension is perfect for this application.  The stand / frame is made of tubular steel and the pack itself is quite large too, this makes for a pretty beefy and sturdy package.  So with that being said, it’s not something I’d fly with however in any situation where I’m driving to the location the Volt with the ClikStand will be the first thing I put in my truck.

Side view of the Volt with the stand legs extended.

Clik Elite Volt with the stand legs extended

Top view of the Clik Elite Volt, main compartment flap, top pocket

Top view of the Clik Elite Volt with the main compartment flap open.  Notice the light stand stud in the center and light stand extension clamps.  Also in the main compartment flap is extra storage for cables, clips, other random accessories.

Front view of the main compartment in the Clik Elite Volt with the padded dividers in the configuration the pack comes in.  The pack is designed to be able to fit a strobe head and power pack as well as cameras and lenses.  It’s possible to have an Alien Bee head and a power pack in the bottom section with cameras/lenses up top if you wanted to have everything in one pack.

Front view of the Clik Elite Volt, the front lower pocket.  Dual straps to attach whatever doesn’t fit inside the main compartment, or along the sides or in one of the other pockets.

Top view of the opened front pocket.  Mesh pockets with additional pockets behind.  Enough space to put at least 4 speedlights plus whatever else needs to go in there.

Top view of the opened front pocket of the Clik Elite Volt.  Room to stuff cables, water, a frisbee, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, iSuck, whatever extras you need quick access to.

The harness of the Clik Elite Volt pack

Vertical adjuster for the chest strap and detail of the mesh fabric of the harness

Adjustable stand legs of the Clik Stand.  The legs on the pack rotate out for a sturdier base, the legs on the harness swing out.