After spending three weeks couch bumming with LINE MC Tony Seyffer in January, I knew I had to go back and do it again over spring break. We started rounding up a crew and soon my car filled and we needed more spots. So, Tony has this girlfriend, Whitney, who has this mom, who has this guy who rents the basement from her. Well this guy has some awesome creeper vans that he isn’t using. One reason for the non-use being that he brought a running chainsaw into a bar. He didn’t kill anyone, but he’s chillin’ in jail. So, we’ve also got this friend, Colten Welch, his mom served jury duty on that. Add 9 rider Austin Torvinen and girl skier #2 Kendelle and you have our van crew. All rocking LINE skis except that 9thward duder. Hella LINE skis.

So we like LINE, a lot, so we decided to write LINE all over this janky van, because we do that (remember the Ullrfest float from episode 7?), with some window chalk. Austin wrote Ninthward on it too, and then wrote Free Candy on the hood. Tony drove straight through the night and had some absurd, unhealthy amount of 5 Hour Energy shots to do it. Oh, there were whiskey plates on them too.

It didn’t take long after arriving in Breckenridge for us to start laughing at how ridiculous our ride was. Every day, we rolled through Main Street traffic, honking at tourists, small children, their parents, everyone. Some people ignored us, some people laughed, some people were downright offended. The best was pulling into and out of free church dinner with it. The van was simply, awesome.

Other random thoughts: spring break crowds at Breck are retarded, Keystone was deserted, Keystone’s medium jumps are wack, In the four weeks total I spent in Summit County this season, I skied 0 real powder.

We didn’t do too much filming, we couldn’t link up with Jake Strassman, who did our LINE Midwest edit on our first trip, but the MN Does CO edit was our shots from the trip. Here’s the leftover shots from it: