After many anticipated years, Ian Cosco has come away from the 2016 Academy Awards with an Oscar in hand for his performance in Chug Life. Many in the ski community were unaware of his big win, seeing as he has maintained a low profile over the past couple years, but we checked in with the champ.

“So Chug, how’s it feel to finally take home an award after all these years?”

“Have you ever held one of these fucking things before? This award is sooo heavy. But anyways, I guess I’m kind of a big deal now. I think they finally just realized how damn pro I am they had to give it to me.”

His fellow long awaited Oscar recipient Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted puffing his e-cigarette next to Chug, sadly uttering the words, “Do we have to party?” Later that night, the two were seen being escorted out of the after party drunkenly yelling, “Prooooo!” Truly a shame they had to tarnish such a renowned night as the Oscars, it seems that some people really just don’t know when to grow up.