Hello everyone!

I realize that at this time of the year, summer is probably the last thing on any of your minds. For those in the West winter is in full effect, and for those in the East and Midwest winter has finally arrived. However, we all know that the more fun one is having, the faster the days fly by. In a few months time, (far sooner than any of us would like) the pow days will start to subside, the temperatures will climb, and the parks will close. Only to leave all of us NS'ers going through withdrawal from the two drugs we all love, skiing and snow. We all know that those hot summer days move far too slowly and when we decide to check out NSG in the summer months, they seem to move even slower.

That's where Ohio Dreams comes in. We can provide a week (or more) of summer full of trampolining, water ramping, summer jibbing, skating, biking, and slip n' flying that has the potential to rival even your best, most fun days during winter. This is exactly why it is never too soon to think about summer. We at Ohio Dreams are happy to announce our Christmas gift to all of you, special pricing on Summer 2011 camp sessions! Regular pricing for a week of camp is $850 all inclusive with an initial deposit of $250 included in that price (still a good deal). However, with our special Christmas pricing, we will knock $50 off of your deposit and $150 off of your total payment. That means you get to experience the most fun week of your summer (maybe even your life!) for only $700! Plus, you can wait to choose your session until June 1st 2011, so there is no chance of scheduling conflicts.

However, you must act quickly. Being a Christmas time deal, this offer is only valid through December 31st 2010. If you need help convincing the folks, just say that it is part of your

gift to them. You're giving them an opportunity to get you a Christmas

present for $150 off the normal price and they get a week of peace and

quiet to themselves while you get to fulfill your ski craving in a safe,

positive, learning environment! How can they turn that down? So whether you are looking to learn unnatural dub cork 12's so you can qualify for Dew Tour next year or you're just looking to have a laid back week and meet some new friends, head over to the newly redesigned website (http://www.ohiodreams.com) and check out our Christmas deal! Have a great winter and we hope to see you at camp next summer!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

-The Ohio Dreams Staff