You may have heard about deject cloth1ng through the grapevine or from our new site located at ( but we are here today to give you the missions of deject and our upcoming events. Deject May look like your everyday “Core Skiing” clothing company. But to everyone who works and creates at deject it is something much more personal and important to us. We like to look at deject cloth1ng as a political statement.

de?ject? [di-jekt]

–verb (used with object)

1. to depress the spirits of; dispirit; dishearten:

Everyday we are bombarded with messages from the media telling us what to do, telling us what is cool, and telling us what to wear. If you don’t fit into the categories that the media wants you to be in you may be seen as an outcast and disheartened by people that feel they are the perfect image of what the media provides. Our mission is to deject the media; we want to deject the Clothing that the media tells us that to wear. It pains me to see 15 teenage girls with the same shirt on. There is almost no more choice in our American Malls; there are 3 main stores that control what you buy. These companies are dejecting our free will. We want to provide an alternative option for clothing from people just like you. We live in the same places you do, we ski at the same places you do, we share the same interests in music as you, and we design with that in mind. So take a look at our winter line and decide for yourself what you want to wear this winter.