Well, here it is. It might sound kind of gay to some, but fully necessary. My memory is worse than a goldfish’s, and that’s why I made this list. Haven’t quite got what this is?  Well, it is a list with all the tricks I want to learn this year. I know a few from before of, but these are the ones I haven’t learned yet, or want to do perfect.  I had this kind of list two years ago, and never before have I had such passion for skiing. I think it’s a good idea, and that it would help me appreciate every day at skiing. Since there is ALLWAYS something to learn.


Stoked on finally doing this, can’t wait to start of. I’m actually waiting for Mr.Even Sigstad to call so we can go hit the railpark. I think it’s going to be pretty darn icy after last three days of rain and now cold weather.