“Danger” Dave has returned to Windells this summer for his second year as Head Snowboard Coach.  Working as professional coach year-round, Dave helped one of his main riders, Ty Walker, rise to professional status through a sponsorship with Roxy.  We caught up with “Danger” to see what his plans and goals were for the summer.

What is your favorite part of being head snowboard coach here at Windells?

It’s a challenge and a slight departure from what I do as a coach in the winter.

Boxers or Briefs? The imagination is a powerful tool.

What kind of goals do you have planned for the summer?

To continue to progress the coaching program at Windells and provide our campers with coaches that encourage a fun, safe, progressive atmosphere every session.

What is your strategy for giving kids the best experience while they’re at camp?

Have you ever seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey?  I’m allergic to the word no. We do whatever we can to fulfill these kids every want and desire while they are at camp (within reason of course).

Do you have a favorite feature to skate at Windells?

Skating the Concrete Jungle with everyone gets me really stoked.  And the mini in BOB is my favorite place when I can’t skate the Jungle.

How jealous do you think everyone is going to be after seeing all the new park features Windells created this winter?

As or more jealous than they were when I showed them pictures of the Concrete Jungle.

What?s you favorite dinner option from the kitchen? Cheese Steaks, no doubt!


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