As much as we would love to, we rarely see Erik Hoffman in Windells photos.  How could this be? Is it because he is exceptionally fast? Shockingly mysterious? Or maybe is it because he is the one behind the lens giving us shot after shot of amazing summer memories? Ok yea, that’s the one. Erik Hoffman joined us last summer as Darcy Bacha’s trusty intern. He quickly showed everyone he was a photo force to be reckoned with. Let’s get to know this Connecticut native a little better…

Hey everyone! I am Erik Hoffman and I am from Newtown Connecticut. I have been involved with snowboarding and photography for the past three or four years. I spend most of my winter going to school and snowboarding with my friends all over southern Vermont. The season started out early with the snowfall on Halloween, I ended up losing power for a week so my friend and I drove up to Killington to ride, I saw a bunch of friends that I had met the previous summer working at Windells which was awesome. From that point on just about everyone on the east coast was praying for snow but never really got any significant snowfall.

I spent the next couple of weeks goofing off with my friends at Stratton and helping out my buddy Scott by taking photos for his apparel and neck warmer company out of southern Vermont called Snug Life. I also had quite a bit of time back in Connecticut to shoot some skateboarding with the lack of snow. In February I went on a trip with Steez Magazine to a small mill town called Berlin in New Hampshire. The trip was pretty cool we got fresh snow the night we arrived which made the next day way easier from a building standpoint. The next day was the RedBull Buttercup at Stratton which was a ton of fun I had the opportunity to just chill all day and hangout with our camp director Marsha and Mary who was running the event for Redbull at the time.

In the next couple of weeks after the Buttercup I was able to shoot at Mount Snow with my buddy Tarik and ended up getting a decent shot of him doing a handplant in Prospector which is Mount Snow’s all wooden park. Soon after came the U.S. Open which was a blast, I really didn’t have any photo responsibilities for the Open so I just cruised around with some of my best friends Mickey and Pat. Burton really killed it this year with Super Mash Brothers, Method Man and Red Man having shows on back to back nights for free.

The last couple weeks of the season I spent at Loon first to shoot RedBull’s Street Cred event and then to just ride. It was a lot of fun Loon really kills it with all their events. Winter was a ton of fun but it’s great to be back in Oregon for the summer with all the Windells homies. I’m really stoked to meet new people this summer as well as getting tons of shots with my friends. Snowboarding in the summer is defiantly all it’s cracked up to be and I feel very lucky to be able to ride on Mount Hood for two and a half months while everyone else is hitting the beaches and working normal jobs. I can’t wait to see all of you guys out on the mountain!