For those of you who haven’t had the privilege yet, meet Alex Erickson. She GTS’s all over the world with an impeccable filmer stance and most importantly, she’s rad. Alex is a Jill of all trades in the industry. If she isn’t filming, editing, designing, writing, or internet-ing, you can find her whipping up some next level river side BBQ to end an amazing day on Mount Hood. This lady does it all, and we are so lucky to have Alex and her crew here for another summer of endless laps and sunny days. Take a minute away from those videos you have been watching and meet the midwest woman behind the camera…

Alex and the Windells Media crew join forces from all over the country during the summer months, but for the rest of the year they are scattered around doing projects for some amazing companies. This winter Alex worked with Mary Walsh on the Oakley Progression Session in Copper Mountain, Colorado. This ladies only event made for some killer days on hill. Take a look at Alex’s edit!

The team is back in Oregon for the summer and Alex has wasted zero time getting back in the groove. Long nights on the river, fresh strawberries for days, and life is good. Make sure to follow Alex on her summer journey @alexandra_faye on Instagram.

alexandra_faye Hoodland Fruitstand. Oregon fresh berries

alexandra_faye #windells hot off the press!

She’s a hard working woman, there’s no doubt about it. Work hard, play harder, and the filmers definitely have that under control. Enjoy the mayhem and hysteria of this blooper real and make sure to check out all of Alex and the Windells Media Team’s edits on Vimeo!