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As temperatures rise, the film bitches of the ski world are busy at work putting together footage from the winterÂ’s madness into a whole new slew of ski movies, due out this summer and fall. Although they might not have the equipment or the training of big-time filmers like PBP, MSP and TGR, members from around the North American continent are responsible for regional videos showcasing up-and-coming riders in their area. These low-key productions can give a whole new perspective on the rapidly changing newschool scene. ItÂ’s always worth checking out new films and new skiers, and you never know... you could be missing the next Tanner Hall, filmed by the next Scott Gaffney. These productions are worth a look.


WBP Films - The Parking Lot Episode

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Representing the East Coast, Pat Melvin (IceRider)Â’s White Boy Productions has been filming in New Hampshire and Maine for three years. This yearÂ’s release, The Parking Lot Episode, will show off the skills of Pat Melvin, Brandon Lonstein, Peter Kukesh, James Cody, Greg Ruppel, Jake Farrell, Mike Damast, and others.

H3O Films - GWYNE

contact: NS member h3ofilms

H3O will be releasing a 16mm/digital video featuring major East Coast competitions and riders like Crichton, Mike Nick, Scott Hibbert, and Andy Woods. A website and trailer should be coming soon.

Junction 133 Productions - Rural Uproar

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Shot and edited by Duncan Lake (skodeo7), Rural Uproar captures last winterÂ’s action at Stratton, Bromley, Mt. Snow, Killington, and other locations in New England. While the movie also has snowboard footage, skiers will include Derek Klick, Cameron Klick, and Liam Downey. Contact if youÂ’re interested in a copy.

PAT Productions - White Fingertips

Although the title makes me think of Michael Jackson, this movie might not be so bad. Actually, it might actually be pretty good. I mean, Thriller revolutionized music as we know it... and there isnÂ’t a man alive who doesnÂ’t envy the moonwalk. Check out Bryan Gallant, Teddy Blank, Brandon Cove, Patrick Warner, and others in a MJ-inspired flick filmed across the East Coast. Featured locations include Wachusett Mtn., Massachusetts, Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, and Okemo, Vermont. White Fingertips ships July 15 for five bucks (DVD only).


Freezing Point 32 - Awkward Floating, Random Flailing Big Pile of Crap that is our Movie

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Okay, so maybe they donÂ’t have the best judgement in titles. Nevertheless, this will be FP32's fourth movie to date, so it canÂ’t be that bad. Actually, Freezing Point showcases some of the MidwestÂ’s better talent out of IndianaÂ’s Perfect North Slopes. Footage has also been shot at Paoli Peaks, Snowtrails, Ohio, and Boyne Highlands, Michigan, and the FP crew will be out in force at Whistler this summer. Tom Price, Travis & Tad Feiss, Adam Weaver, Stephen Osborn, Craig Moore, Nick Bourquein, Alex Norton, Becca Sedler, and Stephanie Osborn are just some of the riders who will be shown. Any crew with two chicks that rip definitely gets my vote.

Saw Kaw Films - The State of Michigan v. Teddy Knape

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Headed by Teddy Knape, Saw Kaw captures park and backcountry action at Michigan resorts like Crystal Mountain, Cannonsburg, Boyne, Caberfae Peaks, and others. Riders include Lane Karczewski, Teddy Knape, Brett Weiss, Peter Knape, Noah Schwander, Brian Knoch, Jim Knape, Mike Knape, Alex Degraff, Ethan Stone, Tyler Barnes, and a sick Utah section from Pete Proos. No trailer is available right now, but check out the trailer for last yearÂ’s flick, Sanity. And if you want to know the story behind the name, click here.


*Watch the trailer*

This could possibly be one of the biggest skiing movie breakthroughs since Warren Miller first picked up a camera. No, since skiing was invented. Hell, FARP might be the biggest thing since the wheel. Check out the trailer for Fred and Randall ProductionÂ’s inaugural movie, and prepare your mind to be blown.

MATH Team Films - Kiss the Sky

*Watch the old trailer*


The MATH Team is losing its film-making cherry this year with the release of "Kiss the Sky." I gotta be honest, even if the vid sucks, they still kick ass for naming it after Hendrix lyrics. Or maybe theyÂ’re all just potheads.... Anyway, MATH is out to showcase mid-Michigan skiers and snowboarders Chad Khodl, Jordan Fischer, Pat Jones, Andrew Berwald, Mark Thatcher, Tucker Vantol, Taylor Rymal, Scott Reay, Jake Pimm, Jared Talaga and Randall Schultz. The team picked up footage from Crystal Mountain, Kitchel Dunes, and Grand Havens in Michigan, and also some Colorado action from Keystone, Breck, and Vail. IÂ’m warned that this trailer is an old one, and the link to the new trailer will be posted in the comments of this article as soon as itÂ’s done. Rock on, Jimi!


Bubble Down Productions / ShortBUS Productions - Special Ed Vol. 1: NameDroppers

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Bubble Down Productions website

Straight out of Steamboat, Colorado, Kevin Czahor and Ian Kirkpatrick have teamed up to produce a video showcasing local skiers, with cameo appearances from several pros. NameDroppers will feature four up-and-coming Steamboat locals and sections with C.R., Tanner, and Dave Crichton, and is shot on location at Steamboat, Vail, Breckenridge, and Montana locations. NameDroppers will be opening for Josh Berman’s new release “Forward� in Boulder this fall, and will also be shown in Steamboat Springs. / Cracked Lens Productions - Day TrippinÂ’

Josh Bryant of Cracked Lens Productions and Jamin Kimmel of NOMICS Inc. team up with to present another Colorado production, with shots from the likes of Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone, Copper, and Winter Park. With segmentation by location rather than athlete, hopes to emphasize the skiing available to the public at each location featured. Skiers include Nomics riders Jamin Kimmel, Josh Bryant, Ryan Spinks, Brent Sickler, and other Colorado rippers like John Spriggs, David Bird, Tom Halverson, and Eric Schmitt.

Penguin Milk Project - Speshul

From the twisted mind of Matt Schwagler comes “Speshul�, a video filmed up and down the West Coast from Mammoth to Whistler (and with East Coast footage to boot). Riders include Andy Mahre, Ben Larsen, Loka$h, Chris Brawley, Jeff Harrison, John Symms, and Brandon Becker. If you liked "In the Haze," then Penguin Milk should tweak your nipples.

Easy Rider

The Easy Rider video will be premiering this fall at the Princess Theatre in Edmonton. ItÂ’ll feature skiers Matt Hennig and Jackson Hinton, snowboarders Andrew Jackson and Warren Williams, and many more. And if skiing and boarding doesnÂ’t get your bowels moving, thereÂ’s some wake and skateboarding as well.