I don't know how or why I developed this desire to have my name mentioned on the TransWorld Business site, but it happened today! Its a pretty insignificant mention, but hey, its a mention so I'll count it. Read the hype here.Also, headed out on another adventure tomorrow. Extended weekend road trip. Zions x Las Vegas x Grand Canyon x Bryce Canyon with a handful of other random stops throughout. I'll come home with some good stories, images and experiences.Perhaps sometime in the next couple weeks I'll actually put together an in depth super post of my recent travels to X Games, Utah adventures and this upcoming road trip. As for now, here are a bunch of random photos from my iPhone of things I've done over the past couple months...Keep in touch!I helped Pep build a deck at his house. Here's a small view of the huge task he took on. Looked great as a final product.

Jordan Seldin works as a Pyrotechnician in the summers. He needed help with a firework show, so I gave a helping hand and learned a bit about things that go boom.
Feeding birds in Zion is for the birds.
This is where we conduct our Surface business meetings.
My brother has this old Miami Vice bullet bike. Scares the ish out of me, but I've got to get scared somehow during the summer months...
Surface's new product run is looking tip top quality and super fun.
Goodbye Burbank.
My Madre cooks some damn good meals. Eggplant x Mozzarella x Basil.
Utah Olympic Park. Got to keep my tricks up to date.
Mighty beasts. Horses are rad.
You spin me right round baby right round.
The newest Nyman sister and my little brother.
Deer Creek. My muse for the summer.
Estaban and his fiance. Squeezing a few more stand up paddle board days in.
Q-Tip. By far the best concert I've been to this summer. Surprisingly.
Summer sunset over a parking lot.