As I type this, I am sitting in my first period math class, supposed to be working on buying a house for a project. I am not dignifying my teacher by doing the work, rather, I am putting my energies to telling the story of a class mate who just never gets the benefit of the doubt. Charlie has made some decisions in his life that have led to a reputation that has been blown fully out of proportion. Due to this, Charlie has absolutely no credibility. For example, take this conversation between me, my teacher, and charlie this morning into consideration:

(I get up to go to the bathroom)

teacher: it is very rude to leave during the middle of a lecture

me: It's an emergency

teacher: don't worry about it

me: robble robble robble

10 minutes later

teacher: chharlie, where is your calculator?

charlie: I don't have one

Teacher: why haven't you gone to another teacher to borrow one yet?

charlie: you just told jack that it is rude to leave during class!

teacher: I don't care what I said

charlie: robble robble robble