Photos: Felix Rioux, cko, kamikazeUnder the lights at Copper Mountain tonight, Charles Gagnier beat out Jacob Wester with a switch 12 octograb. Jacob's kangaroo flip put him in second place, and Sammy Carlson and TJ Schiller rounded out the top four.Charles and Jacob stuck to their tricks for each hit of the best-of-three final. On the third hit Jacob added an extra 180 to the kangaroo flip to land regular, but it didn't top the insanely tweaked double grab through most of the 1260 and his clean landings."I think I'm only allowed to do one 1440 a year," TJ said after throwing a clean switch 14 to knock out Jon Olsson in the semis. TJ stuck to a ten in the consolation finals, where Sammy's ten nudged him out for third place.In the Open big air's "memorable events of hugeness" is now logged Charley Ager's ridiculous switch 7 to the bottom of the landing. In other Open memorable moments:- Ian Cosco's two hits in the semis were a straight air and a 180.- Andrew Hathaway, Matt Walker, Roy Kittler, Henrik Harlaut and Joe Schuster kept the crowd entertained with trains on the kicker during lulls in action. Unfortunately, n many competitors seemed stoked on sessioning the jump during the long pauses during the semis and finals.
In other Open action, halfpipe qualifiers went down earlier today, with a talented field shredding the stunt ditch. One of the only prequalified athletes to be putting in practice hours, Tanner Hall had a pipe run on lockdown that already seems like a shoo-in for first place tomorrow.

We'll have results from the pipe up tomorrow, as well as a full Big Air recap. For now, you can check out the results here:Mens Halfpipe Qualifiers - Heat 1Mens Halfpipe Qualifiers - Heat 2Mens Halfpipe Qualifiers - Heat 3Mens Halfpipe Qualifiers - Heat 4Mens Big Air Finals