To all of you who hoot and holler, scream do a backflip, hit that cliff. To those that heckle with kind, comedic amusement. When you ski sometimes it's all about you, but the ambience, the vibe will always have an impact. When you're going up the lift it can give you a break on those full on days. Some time to do nothing but watch what other people are doing, figure out that next line or trick, and maybe even relax a little. As skiers we generally fall in the "put me in coach" box. We want to be out there hitting the features, dropping that cliff. Sometimes it's nice to be a spectator though, but as one might expect from those full of energy, the inability to move sometimes sends words from our brains to our mouths.

How important is the chairlift hype squad, the random onlooker, the confused gaper unsure what a terrain park even is? Something about it makes a difference. Even for the selfless, the humble, something about the noise the hype the rumble, music loud, skiing fast, the whistling breeze counteracts runs of past. You'll get that trick, you'll stomp it now, some stranger on the chairlift saw my backflip wow!?!? Ski hard, go big, spin left mute, safety right, you're in the friggin limelight! Front two, this lines for you, I hope you're watching, I hope you care, because your eyes on me that locked in stare, helps me block out the world, helps me not care,

So you on the lift? Who are you? A mom, a dad, park skier with beer or spliff? Why do I care? Why do you matter? I'm not sure but I'll ignore all risks of bone shatter.

The park is my canvas but you are my muse, allowing my brain to focus, put my abilities to use. Maybe I'll land it Maybe I'll fall, but first try's are better with with a "YEEEEEEW!!!!!!!" from y'all.

A "SEND IT!, YOU WON'T!!!!", as you sip on a beer. You let out a cheer, you're on the chairlift, soaring puppeteer. Pulling the strings, or at least trying in vein, to hype up the park rats, get into their brains. To take all their doubt, fill them with stoke, watch as they send it, going for broke. The best trick they know, or may have not done, you're heckling them, but all in good fun. So yell from the lift till your lungs give way, because this small part of skiing made it a great day!

To all you fine folks on the lift or rope tow shouting stoke at the random passerby, cheers! This ones for you!