Filmer Steve Rozendaal put together a blog for the Poor Boyz site, and let us put it up on the Saga site including some of his photography from the Chad’s project.

I have been very lucky over my 10 plus years of filming skiing to be at every major Chad’s gap session. From filming Chad clearing it with my one chip digital camera to capturing Tim Durtschi on HD it has been amazing to watch.

This latest build was one of the hardest. Including a scouting day I spent over 70 hours at Chad’s over the course of 9 days. In that time my friend CR Johnson passed away(RIP), we had bad weather and with the five year reunion of Tanners crash on my mind I constantly questioned weather I should even be building it. There is nothing a filmer hates more then seeing one of his friends hurt, and as you will see(eventually) The most famous gap in the world did give up a new trick, but it also dished out some punishment.

When hiking up to Chad’s this is the first view you get of it.  I love this angle.
I just like this shot for some reason.
This photo was taken on the same day as CR’s funeral.  I was up there by myself watching a wonderful sunset and thinking of my friend.
because of a sun crust Tim and I had to chop the landing.  It took over 8 hours.
Here is Tim looking at Chad’s
Tim braking new ground.

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