Ced Reports in -

    2 weeks ago my good friend Mic ‘the chief’ Turcotte and I decided it would be great to get off newschoolers.com and go shred a little. Since Mic hurt his shins pretty bad making a thread asking how to land a 720 on the knuckle, he decided to bring his little minidv camera. He filmed me in the morning so we could make a little edit for a moment skis team update.

    So, we got to the hill early after checking the morning threads on ns and got a lot of runs on tape before the lift line got too crowded. We then left for the computer room and checked some videos on ns.com before getting back out there to work on screaming seamen. I was pretty much doing screamin seamens on every jump while Mic was working on getting his fakie stuff better and finally landed his first fakie 7. I’ve been coaching Mic a lot this year as he wanted to get better and it makes me real happy to see him improving so much. The little bastard is getting real good at rails and his jumping skills are getting better every time he skis (pretty much everyday). Anyway, here’s the little edit that came out of the 3 hour session we had skiing around Vallée du Parc. I suck at editing I know, I read that the pro use premiere and final cut but I’m not good with these so I used movie maker instead.

morning session with ced tf from ced on Vimeo.

Another treat for you guys, we have also included our SIA Video for you to enjoy below.

Untitled from Jason Badgley on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!