Words by Caden BrownThe CU Ski and Snowboard Club kicked off the season Friday with a partythat most people won’t forget for a long time (and some forgot the nextmorning).The campus bar at Carleton University, Oliver’s, was packed left, rightand centre with tall tukes, tall tees and for those of us of age, tallboys. The show started with videos from Mack Dawg Productions,Pléhouse, The Newman Administration and Finger on da Trigger, followedby performances by hip hop artists Absent Minded and Q, Atherton &Sire, Flip Kuma, and Cage. Needless to say, one event above all wassymbolic of the entire night; Newman of the Newman Administrationgetting pushed out of the bar and threatened to be arrested because hewouldn’t remove his bandana. And yes, I do mean to be cliché in sayingthat the Newman Admin stole the show.As soon as their movie, Content, came on, the bar went from an anxious,chaotic crowd of drunkards pacing aimlessly back and forth throughoutthe bar to a stand still crop of diligent young adults. Ok, so I wasthe drunkard pacing aimlessly back and forth, but nevertheless, Contentcaptivated the audience and aroused cheers, laughter, and after some ofthe bails, tears. With an original soundtrack by Jonas Bonnetta,Content’s beautiful blend of melodic music and soothing cinematographyillustrates the joy and excitement that winter can bring for a group ofyoung riders with absolutely no budget. Anyways, enough about themovie, you’ll all just need to see it for yourself.The hip hop performances were amazing; local Toronto artists AbsentMinded and Q ripped the stage first, followed by Ottawa artists FlipKuma and Atherton & Sire. At this point in the night, the crowd wasgetting a little rowdy and there seemed to be a steady flow of peoplegetting kicked out of the bar. The bar ran dry, and by the time Cagecame on to finish off the night, the crowd had thinned out into a meregroup.I think it’s safe to say that the CU Ski and Snowboard Club definitelyknows how to put on a ridiculous show. Thanks to Daly, DBC, Kathryn,Blake and everyone else who ran the show.