Words by Keenan Jones

Photos by Drew Diehl (for the full photo gallery click here)

With more than 10,000 miles under the crew’s belt, the boys finally made it back to the birthplace of the Tour, Corvallis, Oregon, for the seventh stop of the Ford Campus Rail Jam Tour.  The weather forecast predicted seventy degree temps and crisp blue skies, and the crew was more than stoked to hop on their skateboards and spread the word about the 30 tons of snow that were about to be dropped on campus. With summer right around the corner and carloads of shreds migrating to Mt. Hood, OSU made for a nice pit stop for riders to win some cash to help get through the hot summer months in Govy. Over 150 shredders applied, making it one tough event to judge.


Not only was 30 tons of snow hauled in, but 42,000+ gallons of water filled two manmade pools for the first ever wakeboard event on OSU turf. As the event neared, with no surprise, the clouds started to roll in. This change of scenery didn’t phase the riders or crowd though. Hundreds of students toughed out the weather while standing in line for custom t-shirts at the Ford booth. Worth it!

With one of the loudest crowds the Campus Rail Jam Tour has ever seen, the competition exploded right from the start. This year we saw it all; k-feds, disasters, hippy killers, flips…the list could go on! Regardless, you were either jaw-dropped speechless or screaming your lungs out.

Joey Vandermeer got techy with his hardway 270 onto the down tube as well as some steezy frontside switch-ups to pretzels. Tanner Boudreau had k-feds on lock throughout the comp and scooped up some First Drop Outerwear. But through all the chaos, Maks Gotham was crowned champion taking home a pair of the coveted Pabst x K2 skis.


1) Maks Gotham

2) Tanner Boudreau

3) Joey Vandermeer

Big thanks to C.ORE Freeride, MUPC and all the help in making this amazing event happen! Next stop…Portland Finals! The top riders from every stop will be making the trek to Portland to battle it out for a $5,000 cash purse and bragging rights till next year!