Photos: Darcy Bacha

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Disclaimer: The Campus Rail Jam Tour “Editorial Staff” is well aware that approximately half the people reading this story will at some point think to themselves that, “Boulder is entirely comprised of trust-fund babies who spend more time planning the sticker schematics on their snowboard (or skis) than actually riding.” If this describes you, please take a deep breath and think happy thoughts before the remainder of this story discredits (respectfully) your hater assumptions. Read on!

Now that you’ve been forewarned of the obvious pro-Boulder attitude of the paragraphs that lie ahead, let’s cut to the chase…these kids rip. It’s no wonder that barely-legal snow rats flock to the Flatirons when its time for those first un-supervised years of “socializing” called college. The University of Colorado is a snow enthusiast’s dreamland, surrounded by some of the best shred zones in the country. If that’s not enough, the school also boasts the largest ski and snowboard club in the nation, Boulder Freeride.

For the third year in a row, Boulder Freeride has slaved away to bring CU the Campus Rail Jam Tour, and boy was it worth it. Not only was the riding insane, but the cash purse is the largest of the entire Tour, almost as much as the Portland Finals. Once again, DJ Hathbanger was melting faces and even decided to get down in the contest. As the finals kicked off, Muscle Hawk came out in full force with a light show to keep heads bobbing up until winners were announced and the podium got paid.

If you didn’t already know, the ski scene is Boulder is pretty ridiculous. Just go up to Keystone on Breck on a weekend and the park will be overrun by Boulderites. There is definitely a pretty tight-knit community of skiers and the Campus Rail Jam Tour was stoked to bring a contest right into the middle of their hometown. Cam Boll killed it all through the finals and took home the third place spot along with some cash and product from Bonfire. Landing in second was Harrison Bevins, walking away with a new pair of Coreupt skis, some outerwear, and $200. Crushing the setup and taking the top spot was Harrison Bevins, stuffing his pockets with $800 and bragging rights.

Harrison Bevins (2nd), Will Berman (1st), Cam Boll (3rd)

The lady two-plankers had a solid showing and did their best to walk away unscathed from the burly setup. Katrina Siegfried was awarded third place and a jacket from Roxy, followed by Kelsey Huelsman in second with some more product from Roxy and a little cash on top. Making the trek from SLC to own the ladies division was Kristie Giles. Kristie earned some new Coreupt skis and gas money for the trip home.

Kristie Gile (1st), Kelsey Huelsman (2nd), Katrina Siegfried (3rd)

Now that the roads have been cleared and everyone has awaken from their post after-party comas, it’s time for the Galvanic Design crew to pack up and head to Gonzaga for the sixth stop of the tour in Spokane, WA. The Tour is no stranger to Spokane, and the crew hopes to be seeing some familiar faces and plenty of insane riding. GU knows how to throw down, so the event should be as wild as usual. See you there!