The morning may have started out in the clouds but the sun came out for the afternoon at Windells Camp. Coach Dania was leading the ladies in the park and pipe today and that’s where we found Camper of the Day Danielle, a 16 year old ski camper from Bellevue, WA. Danielle remained up-beat and optimistic despite some foggy moments, she constantly charged each feature to progress her skiing.

Why did you choose to come to Windells?

Danielle: I really wanted to improve my park riding. I really love skiing so I thought it’d be a great way to ride in the summer.

How do you like the coaching so far?

Danielle: I love it, Dania is so cool and really helpful. She really helped with boxes when to pop and what to do to land switch off of them. She’s helped with jumps and what to do with there too.

How do you like camp so far?

Danielle: I love it, its so much fun. I wish I could stay for more than one session.

What are you working on this session?

Danielle: I’m working on my spins like 360’s and 180’s. I’m working on pipe riding and boxes like 270 outs.

How do you like the on-campus activities?

Danielle: I love it. I’m not very good at skateboarding but I’ve tried rollarblading and trampolining is really fun too. I’ve got some stickers and a beanie from a sponsor night but I haven’t won anything else…hopefully tonight!

Stoked to have Danielle be camper of the day! Stay tuned for more campers as session 2 progresses.

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