Bucket Clips is back for 22-23, the second year of this mixtape highlighting the ripping women of the freeski world. With a definite shortage of exposure on the movie front, Bucket Clips is a product of the wonderful minds of Rosina Friedel & Ludwig Hagelstein, with a little help from Newschoolers along the way. This year's mixtape featured 22 women from across the planet and was a big part of the wave of female-driven projects that dropped this fall.

Across the ski industry, it's harder and harder to secure a spot in big-budget projects and to find a platform beyond the mess that is social media skiing. It's even harder for women outside of the competition sphere to find a platform and that's what Bucket Clips aims to put right. We want to highlight the breadth of talent out there, and show the world that the female side of newschool skiing is blowing up right now and that these women are out there crushing the streets and the backcountry. To make this project as big as possible, we want you to submit your clips for Rosina and Ludwig to cut together. If you have two bangers, that's great. If you want to go out and film a full part or a hot minute for the project, hit us up, we want to hear your ideas too.

You can always contact me or Rosina via Instagram, and you submit clips / reach us via email too: bucketclipsski@gmail.com

Video Requirements:

- Submit your clips by the 1st June

- At least 1080p (4k if possible) - 50 fps

- Landscape format. Turn the damn phone sideways, it's not that hard.

- Best possible Bitrate

- iPhone does the job, just make sure you film in landscape format, and in the iPhone settings you can set 4k 60fps.

- GoPro also does the job. If possible set the camera color profile to 'flat', set the sharpness to low, and use ND Filters if you have them

We're stoked to see what you come up with and make Bucket Clips 2.0 bigger and better than the first one (below for your viewing pleasure)!