With IF3 just over a week away, one of the many highlights of the festival will surely be the Red Bull Tanner Hall Massive Reggae Party next Friday night at Caberet Juste Pour Rire in Montreal (http://www.if3.ca), which will feature a perfomance by one of the hottest up-and-coming dance hall/reggae artists in the business, Cali P.

photo: Felix Rioux

Cali's music is of course well-known to the ski community, that is, unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years...or just haven't watched any ski movies. Cali was first introduced to the ski scene about four years ago by Eric Iberg and Tanner Hall in their classic film, WSKI106. Then last year the boys teamed up with him again, prominently featuring his music in Tanner's unforgettable Believe and Iberg's critically acclaimed Idea, and one can only expect to hear his amazing voice all over Tanner's new film, The Massive.

photo: Felix Rioux

Since first meeting Tanner and Iberg Cali has formed a strong friendship and working relationship with the two and spent a decent amount of last winter traveling with them, putting on shows at X-Games, Mt Hood and in other locations. This fall Cali will be featured Red Bull's Massive premiere tour, and he and Tanner will be kicking things off in a big, big way next week at IF3 in Montreal.

photo: Jamey Voss

Last month the one and only John Symms had the chance to do an amazing interview with Cali, so along with hyping up the show next weekend at IF3, we wanted to show John and his eXpen eXtreme blog some love (since he's always showing it to us...thanks Symms, we love ya) by sending all of you over there to give it a read. So check it out, and don't miss out on IF3 and the Red Bull Tanner Hall Massive Reggae Party, featuring Cali P.

Cali P Interviewed by John Symms