Welcome to my life since I came back from out west.   This is my desk in the back room of our apartment where I work every day.   You see, fall is the busiest time for me.   I'm the one and only person involved in the sales of our advertising here at NS, and if I don't make enough money we won't be able to run the company.   Most deals are closed right now, so I've been working 9-10 hours a day sitting in this black chair in this office...  I'm starting to go crazy.   I hardly ever leave the apartment, and when I "leave" work, I simply walk about 30m across the apartment to my bedroom.   Don't get me wrong, working at home is the best thing ever.  During the winter, I can go skiing anytime I want and since my favorite time is weekday mornings, no other job would allow me to do this.   I can go on trips anytime, and I never have to get dressed up for work.  This is one of the few days I put on pants, but I figured that it'd look terrible me in my undies on here.  It's a big change in my life from what I used to do.   When I worked at Blue Mountain full-time during winter, and High North in the summer, my jobs were all working with my hands.   Physical labour was the name of the game, whereas now its typing and mouse clicks.   Its definitely strange to make that kind of a change in one's life.   I'm still uncertain as to whether I'm more of a desk jockey or a hands-on kind of guy.   I'm happy that I get to do this for 10 months a year, and then change over to building the park at High North for two in the summer.  That really keeps me sane.  Nothing really epic to report here, and no opinions on life to share, just a little update on what I've been doing over the last little while.  I think I'm going to go crazy if it doesn't start snowing soon...  I can tell that most of you are the same way.  Its really funny, every year right at this time the hostility on NS skyrockets.   I can tell that its because we're all itching to head out for some turns, and the problems with life will melt away with that first carve you lay down on some shitty patch of groomed snow on opening day.  Lets hang through this together.   No reason to lash out at others on NS... remember we're all frustrated to shit right now.  Anyone around Montreal have a backyard rail they'd invite me to session?