I first heard of the Chicken Wings and Grape Kool Aid Throwdown on Skidazzle.com, and then it appeared on Facebook. A snowboarding competition in the middle of June? I wasn?t sure what it was going to be like and I didn?t know anyone who was going. As I was driving up the Los Angeles Crest Highway I got to a stretch with a mass amount of cars. I saw a patch of snow in the distance and slowed to a stop, leaving my camera in the car. I walked up to find ?The Patch?, a last bit of winter lingering in what was almost mid summer.


I grabbed my equipment and filmed the rest of the warm day, getting an awesome farmer?s tan in the process! I had a lot of fun at this event. I saw lots of talent, along with all the great falls you saw in my previous blooper video. The event was put together by Snowdogg Carter and sponsored by S4 Optics, Flow Snowboarding, and Anenberg. It was split into three groups; girls, boys, and men, with three winners in each.

I decided to bump this video in front of the others. I felt that time was an issue and wanted to finish it before the summer ended. The song featured in the video is Get Better John by Mux Mool

. It?s a great song from a promising artist.


David Meador

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Editing Program: Final Cut Pro


Color Correction: 3 way color corrector in FCP 6

Camera: DVX100b (Filmed at 24PA)

Tripod: Manfrotto

Titles: After Effects CS3

Other Effects: Motion 3