The 2012 Camp of Champions Slopestyle Super Park

First Look At The 2012 Camp of Champions Park from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

The Ultimate Summer Slopestyle Super Park

The Ultimate Summer Slopestyle Super Park known as The 2012 Camp of

Champions Park is coming together to be the best park summer anywhere

has ever seen. There's so much snow it's unbelievable. The crew from

Arena Snowparks has been building our park for the last couple weeks and

it's so great that you can't help but get stoked for this summer. Check

out the photos and video and get ready for the best summer of your


Over 40 Rails

There are over 40 rails in the park this summer including about a dozen

new ones. The one we are super hyped on is our homage to 7 Springs

feature. We built it as close to the same as possible and still have it transportable. It's got a 20 foot close out rail on a wall, leading to a

banked wall and on the side of the close out rail is a 20 foot staircase

rail set. Oakley built it for us and to say we are stoked is a bit of

an understatement.

Our rail zone we call "Quebec" is looking pretty all time too - it's packed with features

There's step ups, to down rails, cannon rails, there's so many different rails in that

area that you could almost spend your whole camp in that one area. It's

one of the advantages of having the largest summer park. There is so

much room to drop features into that half the time you don't even bother

hitting the lift, you just session features. When you do hit the lift,

you aren't hot lapping one or two features, you are lapping so many

features you are out of breath by the time you get back to the lift.

Triple Pro Line - Triple Classic Medium Line - Two Gigantic Hips

We have so much snow we have turned our Pro Line into a monster triple

set. There is our classic medium big line that is also a triple. We got two

huge hips that you can learn to go big on and then actually go big on. There's a reason National Teams training for Sochi are flying in from around the world for our park. It's the only summer slopestyle park that is X-Games and Olympic caliber. You'll be amazed who you'll be skiing with this summer.

Huge Beginner Park

We've stepped our beginner park area as well with small 5-10 foot tables and then

slightly bigger tables so you can easily progress onto our

classic medium line. We've added new rails and features so there is more stuff than ever to session. Campers asked for even more beginner stuff so we've added a ton of beginner features. Our smaller stuff which is actually the backbone

of the camp for a lot of campers doesn't get as many photos as the rest of our insane park but rest assured if you want to learn how to ski park, COC has the best beginner park anywhere. Our beginner park is actually bigger than some camps entire park. The beginner park isn't in the video because

it's the last part of the park we build.

The AWSM Line

We have so much snow we have built what we are calling "The AWSM Line"

which is a low angle road through our park packed full of features. We've got jib features scattered all over the AWSM Line. There's all kinds of rails, jersey barriers, the BMX rhythm jumps, highway markers, barrels and more. You

can hit so many different features in a row it's kind of crazy. Because

of the way it's built you can hit feature after feature without having

to hit the brakes between features. AWSM!

New Big Air Bag Zone

The Big Air Bags are in an all new zone this year so that we can pack as

many jumps and features into the park with out the bags taking away

from the amount of stuff we can build.

This summer is going to be epic and best of all, it's not too late to

sign up for camp. We still have space in all our sessions. If you sign

up for a day camp with coaching or overnight camp you get a free RED

helmet just to make the experience even better.

See you this summer.