Salutations!Chug here, I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update on when the second installment is coming. I've received a bunch of good feedback about it and am SUPER stoked to get number 2 out. I have began editing the skiing segment and its pretty dope/funny in my opinion. Unfortunatley, we didn't get to film as much as I would ahve liked, because no one likes standing around and filming so there is basically no jump footage, but it's pretty entertaining. My "editing suite" aka my laptop thats screen has been exclusively connected by chords has officially croaked and I now need tob uy a new computer. Which is delaying the editing process as well. I also spent Christmas in Oregon due to cancelled flights from Dec 22-26. Which is pimp! But I am on my home, got a sick pow day yesterday. I now feel like I am rambling so all I am going to say is look out for number 2, should be coming in the next week or so, and will be filled with the NEW afterbang, aka HEAVY HEAD. Just wait... Here is a picture of a photo from the fall that i missed documenting. The game is known as Dog Pong, similar to beer pong but with hot dogs and buns. Featured here, Cheese Belly and I are trying to catch the weiner in our mouths...yes i said it, so we can make the other team eat one of there dogs. I really like this photo. Goodbye.