Full Tilt rider Max Hill and the rest of gang (Coal Drexler, Matt Brindisi, etc…) have come out with the fifth edition edit of CASG Sundays. This influential crew is insanely creative with a distinct style born from the heartland of Canada. CASG’s own Cassandra Ironside put it best saying, “CASG is the future. It’s a crew of kids pushing each other to progress technically as well as developing their own creative style.” There’s no doubt that these Sunday edits continue to blow people’s minds with their progressive style and attitude.

a.k.a Axe Kill

Max edited and dropped the latest edition of CASG Sundays while sporting Hot Doggers… now go grab your own hot dog, click below and enjoy!

SBC Skier presents CASG Sundays V from SBC Skier on Vimeo.