French skier Candide Thovex, the only athlete besides Tanner Hall to win X Games gold in freeskiing Big Air, Slopestyle, and Superpipe, once again went viral with the release of One of Those Days 2. Newschoolers was lucky enough to ask Thovex questions, and receive thoughtful responses in return. Candide is someone we should all look to in regards inspiration for the love of the sport. This is the Candide Thovex interview.


Were you worried about One of those days 2 not living up to the first? -JosephRikys

Candide Thovex: Well, i tried to be a bit more creative on the 2nd one. I knew it was gonna work better, but didn't expect this!

Who came up with the idea for that last shot? -JustGoWithIt

I've been thinking about that line for a while. I needed something stronger than the cop one. I go past that restaurant everyday on my way home and always imagined it would be a good ender.

Was the last shot in ootd 2 fake? i just cant believe you 180ed into a gondola -frankcolder

Not at all. One full sequence. Had a lot of fun doing it.

How influential has the pole plant been in your skiing? -j-bo

Well, it's been like that for ages. It's just a natural reflex. I just don't think about it. Maybe it comes from when i was doing mogul skiing when i was a kid. I tried not to do it but it keeps coming back!

Even though you have had a very diverse skiing career is there anything you still want to do or accomplish? -daveyjones

There's still a lot to do

What trick in One of those days 2 are you most proud of? -_skierdude_

When i gapped that cliff in the woods. Never done it this way before. That was risky.

And some of those long straight airs.

What music do you listen to while skiing, if any? -Ski_The_E

I love the sound of the wind. I only listen to music on the chairlift. Any style that inspires me.

Excluding your own edits and films, what is your favorite ski video to watch? -Ski_The_E

The Terje Haakonsen movie, Subjekt Haakonsen was my biggest inspiration.

The Jp auclair/Sherpas segment was also one of my inspirations.

Which of your own videos were you most satisfied with? -Ski_The_E

The first Candide Kamera. That was my first footage after i broke my back and that was a big relief.

Who is your favorite person to ski with? Out of the people you have not skied with, who would you most like to spend a day on the slopes with? -Ski_The_E

My buddy Aziz Benkrich, he's the best out there. Anybody that has fun.

Also, how fun was it to jump off the exit ramp on the chairlift? -Mr.Salty

That was one of the funnest thing i have ever done. It was way bigger than it looks

There's a lot of kids on the NS forums who are just learning the sport and specifically how to navigate the park. Many of them are faced with criticism and intimidation from peers both on the mountain as well as in these forums. What advice do you have for the newbs/gapers and (maybe, more importantly) the peers who criticize their comments and drive to progress in this sport? -urbanskico

Just do what you love. No matter what others say. Go outside the park

Is skiing with friends important even at your level? -schommi97

This is the most important.

When you made the first OOTD, did you know how well it would be received and the reach it would get? Or did it take you by surprise? How did that affect OOTD2? -Sklar

That is mainly some everyday skiing with my friends. At one point, I was like, maybe I should try to film this with a POV Camera. Definitely got surprised of the results. And then I was like, maybe I should try to be more creative about it.

What is your perspective on the current state of the ski industry? As someone who has been there from the very start of the 'revolution' it would be fascinating to hear how you see it growing from what you guys started into what it is today. -Mr.Bishop

I don't really like the athletic side of it today. At the beginning we got inspired by snowboarding and we only wanted to get away from this serious attitude. Training and stuff. It' s all about having fun.

But this is only my point of view. Anybody do what they want. It is called FREEstyle.

I'm not a big fan of the No Pole to be honest. I'm a skateboarder.

But once more, anybody do what they enjoy.

Training is a bit of a taboo topic in skiing but can you tell us what it is you do to get fit enough to ski lines the way you do? -Twig

Eat well. Keep skiing. Stretching

Who was your childhood role model? -Dobber

Edgar Grospiron

Current opinion on x games? Anything that comes to mind. -DrZoidberg

Look at Danny Davis. Only one double and wins.

Hopefully it comes back the right way in skiing too.

Less rotations. More STYLE.

What do you do during the summer? Are you just shredding down south or do you have another hobby that you do? -CoolClamConnor

I love surfing in indonesia and skateboarding.

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We'd like to extend a gracious thanks to Candide Thovex for coming on the site to speak to our community!