Special Price $107 on Customers Demand!

The CineCity is proud to announce Camtree Wonder-7 DSLR Stabilizer System for their customers which will save them from unwanted worries of balancing.

A very effective high-quality stabilizer for max. Weight of camera: 2kg/4lbs.

Wonder-7 is robust and well-engineered. Handheld camera support device designed to help you capture smooth, shake-free videos. Once mastered, camera operator can use Camtree Wonder-7 to create fluid, “floating” camera movements, even when walking or running. The Camtree Wonder-7 employs a steel bush stabilizer gimbal which isolates the camera from incidental twisting wobbling motions.

Optimized for filmmakers who has the maximum interest in portability without compromise!

Professional-level camera stabilizer delivers all these key advantages:

 Versatile and lightweight DSLR stabilizer system.

 Multi-axis gimbal prevents angular disturbance and hand shake from passing to the camera.

 The ergonomic handle affords a comfortable grip for hours without undue fatigue for either right- or left-handed users.

 Quick-release system for swapping mounts.

 Aluminum counterweight set for fine tuning balance.

 All parts are aluminum crafted for corrosion resistance.

 Folds like a mobile phone for convenient transport or storage.

Wonder-7 has received exceptional reviews from these and other productions:

Monie moviemaker: “Stunning, It really did the job, Comparable to those $1500 stabilizers!! Highly recommended!!

Sarah production: “Awesome to the core! Once you get it balanced it makes cinematic beauty!! I use this for wedding/corporate videos/short films… Everything and everything. Very versatile!!

Wonder-7, The Proven Choice for filmmakers!

Now anyone can make a movie, and storytelling through video is easier than ever”

Best candidate for your independent and professional film projects!

It is available with a special price right now from thecinecity.com!!