How To Enter

The “This is My Camp” is a pretty basic idea: Make a

video that shows how much fun The Camp of Champions is. The video needs to

start with our opening credits, then you facing the camera, saying your name,

where you are from, how old you are and then the term, “This is my camp.” after

that, use any of our footage you want, it’s up to you. Finish your video with the closing credits.

Get creative. The video can’t be longer than two and a half

minutes. We want to see what would make you stoked to go to The Camp of Champions. There can’t be any foul language in the

video or the music.

Post your completed video onto a Vimeo profile as a .mov or .mp4

file and send us the link so we can download it.  Winners will be chosen December 1st. To enter

your video, simply upload it to Vimeo and send us the link so we can download

it. We will then upload all the videos to The Camp of Champions Vimeo account

and then we will track the stats on it. When you upload your video, tag it COC,

Camp of Champs, Camp of Champions, Whistler, Summer Camp, Vitaminwater, Oakley,

GoPro. Once you have posted your video, start hounding your friends to share it

and like it. We have prizes for the most Facebook likes, the most plays, the

most embeds all kids of stuff.

All entries become the property of The Camp of Champions.



One Grand Prize – Become the COC Film Intern and win “A

Mountain of VitaminWater”

The Grand Prize is an intern position at the Camp of Champions in the

summer of 2012 as one of our film crew that chronicle everything that goes on

at COC. Prize Value: $8,000. If you have skills, this

is the one to go for. It will launch your career, your goggle tan or both.

Members of our COC crew have gone on to work with what seems like every company

and magazine in the industry. Win this one and you will start living the dream.

The prize of “A mountain of VitaminWater” is cases of Vitamin Water stacked up

to your nose.

Four Grand Prizes – Get Outfitted By Oakley Head To Toe

and “A Mountain of VitaminWater”

Prize Includes: Oakley Outerwear Pants, Oakley Outerwear Jacket, Oakley

T-shirt, Oakley Hoody, Oakley Goggles, Oakley Sunglasses

and an Oakley Beanie. Approx. Prize Value: $2500 each. This prize is

amazing. You’ll look like your sponsored. Well I guess if you win, you'll have

gotten it for free so I guess you kind of did get sponsored!

Two Grand Prizes - 8 Day Overnight Camp and “A Mountain of VitaminWater”

Prize consists of an

8 Day Overnight Camp of Champions session. Approx. Prize Value: $2000 each.

Because there can only be one intern, we created this Grand Prize so that even

if you don’t win the Intern position, you still win an awesome prize and get to

get your shred on at COC next summer.

4 Grand Prizes - 8 Day

“Park Access Only” Camp and “A Mountain of VitaminWater”

Four Grand Prizes of an 8 Day “Park Access Only” Camp. Prize Value: $695

each. Because we know making videos is fun but also work we created these


20 Prizes  - Camp of Champions Backpack and Gloves

Camp of Champions Backpack and Gloves. Prize Value: $250 each. These 20 prizes

are for people that made great videos but unfortunately didn’t win the grand

prizes. Because we want as many people as possible to win, we created this set

of prizes for the “Man, my video isn’t as good as that guys, but I still want

to win something” videos.

Choosing The Winners

Winners are chosen by Camp of Champions staff, using the same scoring

model as the American/ Canadian/ Borneo Idol TV show. Part of results are your

number of likes and plays on Facebook and Vimeo and part of the result is from

our judging what we like the best.


Winners will be chosen December 1st.


All entries become the

property of The Camp of Champions. 


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