CAI.TV Takes Over Superior - Grete Eliassen and Meg Olenick On Top of the World

GBABY and Megamo hit the top of this 11,000+ ft mountain in no time... rolling cameras the entire time, this 2 minute edit shows the entire climb... no camera tricks or timelapses... they are just THAT fast. No Big Deal.

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Mount Superior Stats:

Elevation: 11,132

Location: Wasatch Range, Utah

Mount Superior is one of the classic climbs in the Wasatch range. The peak towers over Snowbird and Alta ski resorts, and is maybe most famous for the massive avalanches it sends down to the canyon road. It is a rugged peak, and any route to the peak involves some fairly serious scrambling with exposure. The peak is also clearly visible from the Lake Blanche area behind Sundial Peak. Some confusion exists over names. The peak overlooking Alta is not the true high point, but about 11,050 feet. The highest point, referred to in some books as "Monte Cristo" is two peaks beyond. I choose to call the whole thing Mount Superior.

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